Bat-Friendly Business Certification

Congratulations to Knox Roofing on becoming the first business in California to receive the Bat-Friendly Business Certification.

Get your business certified Bat-Friendly by Bat Conservancy of Coastal California

Our Bat-Friendly Business Certification demonstrates to your customers that your company’s work practices reflect your concern for the environment.  We will work with you to maximize efforts to protect bats. Your business can have a great impact on a healthy environment!

Who Can Get Certified?

Many different types of businesses can get certified. This program is designed for companies whose work directly impacts bats. Examples of businesses are: roofers, construction, pest control, tree surgeons, real estate agencies, farms, wineries, golf courses, and many more. Please contact us to find out how we can start the certification process.

How does my business get certified?

The certification process is easy. Email and tell us about your business. For a small annual membership fee, we will provide you with pertinent documents about bats and what to do if you encounter them while working. We will also work with you to enhance your business practices to protect bats and our environment.

Benefits of Bat-Friendly Certification

Your business will be on our list of bat-friendly businesses on our website, which will include a link to your website.

You will receive Bat-Friendly certification stickers to put on your business windows, a certificate to hang in your office, and a pdf of the Bat-Friendly certification logo to include on your letterhead and other marketing and PR materials.

Your business will be part of the solution in helping protect our California  bat populations. Be a leader in your industry and the first business for potential customers to turn to because you care about the environment.

If you are interested in getting your business certified, email